Case Studies

Case Studies - Fix Credit AustraliaThere are numerous incorrect, disputable or contestable problems that appear on a credit report that will stop you getting credit.

Some typical case studies appear below:

Case #1

An overdue account (default) was listed on the client’s Credit Report as a clearout by a collection agency in 10/2006. The entry amended on 2/2009 now being managed by a different agency. The client could not recall the matter.

The Result

On reviewing the listing and the timeline on our client’s Veda File Access, our operations manager thought the way the default was listed and amended by two collection agencies to be strange. Further investigations regarding the default, and requesting certain documentation, we were able to ascertain that the default was a double listing from the Commonwealth Bank back in 1998/99.

Veda Advantage does not monitor the accuracy of the listing of old debts. In this instance, the many years experience and knowledge of our operations manager detected a flaw in the timeline of events. This led to the duplication being revealed.

Under the legislation, what had happened was illegal and the current listing had to be removed as being a duplicate default listed in error.