We at Fix Credit Australia take pride in the work we do and work tirelessly to repair the incorrect, disputable or contestable entries on our client’s credit report.

If we know the information we have is correct, then we never give up the fight and do not hesitate to take it to the highest authority available.

I would just like to thank Colleen and staff for their absolute brilliant service that they have provided to myself and my wife.

I contacted Fix Credit Australia with 6 defaults on my credit report and 3 on my wife’s and could not obtain finance anywhere, after a short three months however, myself and my wife have a spotlessly clean credit report and have since purchased a house.

We now feel like normal people again and can start enjoying our house and our new lease of life This could never have happened without the professional help we received from Colleen We cannot thank you enough for your compassionate and professional service. I would highly recommend Fix Credit Australia to anyone who requires a fresh start in life in regards to their finances.

Thanks to Colleen at Fix Credit for giving me my life back after being in the red for the last 10 years. She fought and fought to get me through and now I am in the clear. You rock Colleen and biggest thanks ever.

I was introduced to Fix Credit by a colleague directly to the owner of the business Colleen. Throughout the transaction I dealt with the owner and it was in a very professional way.

From the initial conversations payment up front to carry out the work was never an issue. The correction of the issue in hand was of more importance to Colleen that is professionalism.

I engaged a previous company without success but massive costs.

This company FIX Credit carried out all the appropriate work for me without any fuss and completed the task with total satisfaction to me.

I was so impressed that payment for their services was of no consequence.

Their work ethic, professionalism and client ease of mind was brilliant and has re assured me that good people are still out there that are trying to do the right thing by their client.

I’d like to thank Colleen and her team for repairing my credit reports. I had gone to another company who claimed to be the biggest and best and I paid nearly $1,000 with no results and that was only the administration fee. They took 6 months and were not able to get the default off.

Colleen had the file for 3 weeks and achieved the result I had been wanting for months. Fix Credit Australia’s charges were ¼ what the others were. I recommended them to my daughter and her file was fixed in 5 days.

Fix Credit Australia are the best. I would recommend them to anyone.